Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Before the I Dos, some don'ts!

Everyone wants to give advice to the Bride and Groom to be and I am no different.  But I am a professional....or at least I play one on the internet. Here are just a few of the blunders I have witnessed.

Don't go cheap.  Cut costs not quality or style.  There is nothing worse than a tacky wedding and I mean nothing.  You want to be proud of your special day so think carefully about where you spend your money.   Plan within your budget. Don't expect your vendors to come down on their price because you want a bigger wedding than you can afford.  Treat your guests well.

Don't be a ugly (sourthern talk for bridezilla).  Pretty is is pretty does....that's what my Mama always said.  It is your day but it wouldn't be happening if you didn't have your family and friends to support you.  Be nice to your vendors, they are vital to your wedding and will bend over backwards to help you if you treat them well.  No one likes the temper tantrums and you will mess up your make-up.

Don't stuff the wedding cake into each other's is just gross!

Don't get drunk.  It's just trashy.  You can have a great time and a few glasses of champagne during the evening but doing shots of tequila during the reception is really a bad idea.  No one likes to see the bride fall down on the dance floor....except maybe the older bitter single sister of the bride and in some cases the mother in law but that is a whole other blog post!

These aren't photos you want in your wedding mind you manners!

Party on,

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  1. LOL You are right, these are not pictures you want passed down through the ages.

    Nice to meet a fellow redhead!