Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Design Process

When I meet with a new client I am always so excited to discover their style and find out their vision for their wedding.  Sometimes the bride has a plan and design already thought out and is just not sure where to go from there.  Other times they have pictures from wedding magazines that they like but no clear vision in mind.  My job is to take the information they give me and help them see the possibilities without overwhelming them.

There is a design process (at least for me there is) and I like to take things step by step.  Pictures are great but sometimes you have to dig deeper.  What about the picture do you like?  If you have a picture of a spring wedding and your wedding is in the winter, the element you like in the picture might not work.  The same would apply if you are having a day wedding and you love the candles that were in the evening reception picture.  It doesn't mean you can't get a similar look but you will have to go about it in another way.

A big component of how I style a wedding is based on the bride's DRESS!  It is my inspiration and a good indication of the bride's taste and personality.  Everyone else's attire is based on that decision. 

A theme is an easy way to coordinate all aspects of the wedding from the Save the Date all the way through the favor at the reception.  I always brand my events by using the same elements of design, color and style in every decision I make.

Colors are hard to decide on sometimes but that is an important part of the entire design.  I like to have the color palette picked out before to many other decisions are made.  Things to take into consideration when choosing colors are the style of wedding (formal, casual, whimsical) where the wedding is taking place (inside, garden, beach) and what season (fall, winter, spring or summer). 

With these decisions made I can come up with a couple of design directions that I think the couple will like. I concentrate on putting the couples personality in every aspect of the design and alway have a couple of wow factors to surprise and delight the guests.  That is what makes a wedding unique and special.

You can apply these steps to any event or celebration and the design process will be much easier.  It is your wedding so don't copy anything exactly, use the picture as an inspiration and make it your own.

Here are some of my latest insirations....

Love these colors for a spring or summer wedding

This is very boho chic don't ya think?

Design on,

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