Monday, February 1, 2010

Add Southern Charm to Your Wedding

Girls....first of all, keep it simple, be creative and fill it with your personality.  Welcome your guests and make them feel special for sharing your wedding day.  Have fun...seriously if you are stressed out and worried about the details your won't be able to enjoy the moment.

With a little imagination you can put your signature on the ceremony and reception and make it a day neither you, nor your guests will ever forget.  What is your style?  Elegant, whimsical, traditional, or modern?  What are your favorite colors?  What foods do you love?  Now go on girl...put your stamp on it and make it yours.

Now as with all things here in the south, food is the main event. My mouth starts watering just thinking about the possibilities.  The hot trend in reception food service is food stations.  My favorites right now are the mashed potato bar with an abundance of toppings to choose from, and honey hush....shrimp and grits served in a martini glass!    I just love it.  I think it is great when the bride and groom incorporate their favorites too.  I have planned weddings where we have mac and cheese, bite size hamburgers, and even pancakes. I have served moon pies with RC cola and bbq sandwiches on silver platters.  You can make anything fancy when you put it on a nice serving dish!

Now how about a drink?  I love having a signature drink for my events.  I usually have two, one non-alcoholic and one with a punch!  (Flavoring as my Grandmother would say)  Does the groom have a favorite beer?  Well by all means serve it! 

Now all you need is some music and we have ourselves a party!  This can be a tricky one.  Bands are expensive and can be a budget buster but the right one can elevate your wedding to an event for sure!  I have some favorite DJs and trust me get a recommendation.  Your cousin Ricky Bobby with his Ipod can be very dangerous.  You don't want just anybody to have control of that microphone.  A good DJ will make sure the dance floor is full at all times and encourage guests to join in the celebration.  You can control what songs are played and more importantly what songs aren't!  Now get your groove on!

As every good southern hostess knows, send your guests home with something special to say thank you for coming.  Pick something that reflects the theme of the ceremony and you as a couple.  The options are endless, so have fun.

  Well now there is just one thing not that for heaven's sake!  Time to hug your mama and daddy and tell them how much you love them.  Toss the flowers and throw the garter and let your guests send you off in a cloud of bubbles or if it is a night wedding, honey how about sparklers!  Fabulous! 

My wish for you is this....I hope you look back on your wedding day and realize that it was just what you dreamed it would be and more.

love and weddings,

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