Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So Sweet

Okay I like candy as much as the next person but the overwhelming popularity of the candy bar for weddings is amazing.  Such a hot trend and why not?  Candy makes people happy!  So how about some inspiration?

Sweet Cece's in downtown Franklin

I took my children to Sweet Cece's in downtown Franklin and was inspired by the candy displays.    My kids (15, 13 & 8) can all agree on this choice, which is a very rare occurance! and I do mean RARE

The children in your wedding party will really be thrilled with gift certificates from this adorable store.  They will think they have gone straight to dessert heaven with all of the goodies to choose from.

First you choose the flavor of frozen yogurt and help yourself.  Honey hush...you can mix two together?  Yes please!

Then you can pick any ol' topping you want!  My kids tend to get a little light-headed at this point.

Here is where I go a little crazy brownie bits and stawberries on top of cheesecake frozen yogurt makes me really happy....really really happy!

Now just move along to the cashier and they will weigh your cup.  Our family record is $4.45 and I am not going to tell y'all who holds that record!  (That would just be tacky!)  I am thinking I can use this sweet concept at a wedding rehearsal dinner or reception.  How much fun would the guests have making their own dessert? 
It would be Perfect.....don't y'all think so?

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